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Update 19 Official Changelog

Hello everyone, Please take a look at the changes we made in this Update 19 here. 1. New Hero Faerie Mountain Fox — Lingyue Meng Spirit Rain The Faerie flies to the target area, dealing 60/100/140/180 Magical Damage to all opponents in its path. At the end of its rush,

Cyclops rework review. (by Galaxy_Danny)

With the recent DLC balance change, there were some great and bad changes. Most important change was Cyclops rework.  Now that he no longer uses mana and a new “hunger” system is added instead with some other changes. Cyclops is no longer an underpowered hero.  In fact, he is a

Dr. Seake guide by galaxy_danyy

With the new update and as the new hero approached Haradon  land to find his new patients.  Many players bought him already, and some already trying to master him.  Galaxy_Danyy, being one of the Hocopedia team was the first one to get this new hero one week before his official

Hero Balance Changes in Update 18

Hero Balance Changes in Update 18Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:14 am Hi everyone, today we’ll release the hero balance change for you to take a look in advance. ********************************************************************* Jombraa Eye of the Beholder Enemies can be stunned whether they are tagged or not. Redtrophi Queen Pincer Swipe The MP

Hocopedia Championship on Android

Galaxy_danyy has given us the matchups for the tournament today, the draw for the teams was yesterday. The teams participating are below: SlaughtererZ 1. actinomyces 2. mtsamazing9 3. halino98765 4. qiwlaqi 5. set_mgn 6. tmdals980 7. armageddonsdt Lilium 1. Bh_zzz 2. Rej1k 3. Filimonov_leha 4. Kro4i123 5. Ges_nsk 6. Last_day_z

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